Hey there, and welcome to theHealthNuttyProfessor!
My name is Jaimie. I'm a 27 year old mama that went healthnutty after having my first baby, Oliver.
I welcome you to the blog where I will be sharing my discoveries on healing and nutrition. I look forward to sharing my weekly favourite things, recipes, tips, and most recent health news.
Heck, by the end, you just might become a healthnut too!


  1. Hi Jaimie,

    I am a documentary filmmaker and I recently came across your blog. My filmmaking partner and I made a documentary film, called Chow Down, about people who are trying to reverse their heart disease and type two diabetes by changing to a plant-based diet. I saw that you wrote about Forks Over Knives and was wondering if you might want to write a review of our film?

    The film is available to watch for free on Hulu, and here's a link to the trailer:


    Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    Julia Grayer

    Root for Charles, John, and Garnet as they try to buck the system of pills and procedures and outfox their heart disease and diabetes. When their doctors inform them that they can't get better, our intrepid trio tells the doctors to think again. With lighthearted animation, piercing expert interviews and a feisty attitude, Chow Down is the moving story of the success you can achieve when you rewrite the recipe for a healthy life.

  2. Hi Julia! Thanks for writing, and checking out the blog! I'd love to write an article on the film, I watched the documentary this morning and loved it. It's the very information I want the readers of The Health Nutty Professor to hear. I can feature an article in the next couple of weeks. Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions!