Tuesday, 29 January 2013

HealthNutty Pick of the Week: A rockin' awesome lip balm

Thanks to a woman named Roxanne Quimby, we can now purchase Burt's Bees products in many stores worldwide.

The company started back in 1984 when she started making candles in an old schoolhouse with the leftover beeswax from Burt Shavitz's farm. Her business grew insanely fast, and has been a success for many years. She sold a large portion of the company to AEA, (a private investment group), and then in 2007,  the company was sold to Clorox for a whopping $925,000,000.

Fascinating, huh?

The HealthNutty Pick of the week is the most popluar Burt's Bees product:

Beeswax Lip balm.

Did your jaw drop when you learned Clorox was the owner of Burt's Bees? They aren't exactly a company that strives to be all-natural when they sell bleach and other powerful chemical-filled cleaners. But thankfully, after some research, Burt's Bees seems to stay a safe option for lip care. Yipee!

The Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is a great way to check the safety of many beauty products. After searching Burt's Bees Lip Balm, it came up as a 1. That's a low toxicity rating. Check out your beauty products and see how safe they really are: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

This lip balm is great because it's got 2 of my favourite things in it: coconut oil, and peppermint oil. This makes for a smooth, long lasting, tingly, clean, refreshing way to keep your lips moisturized in this crazy winter weather.

I am a little OCD when it comes to my lip balm. I must have it on every night before I go to sleep. It's the worst waking up to dry, cracked lips. I like to carry a tube in my jacket pocket, and a one at my bedside! I honestly love this stuff. And hey, it's safe to use.

Grab some Burt's Lip Balm, and perhaps some other great Burt's Bees products, by clicking HERE!





Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Health Nutty Epic Fail: Volume 1

A Health Nutty Epic Fail is an all new series of my failures as a 'healthnut.'  (I am definitely still working out the kinks in our family's health program and trying to kick many of our bad habits!)

Here's the first of many to come in the new series:

 "Well dang, we were out of peanut butter, AGAIN!"

When you have a hard-workin' carpenter hubby who needs his protein, and a super-tight grocery budget that pretty much requires cutting expensive meat -and I don't mean with a knife- peanut butter sammy's are where it's at!

So, off I went to the store, and grabbed a low-fat container of smooth peanut butter. When I got home, it was sitting on the counter. My hubby gave me the stink eye. Why was he less than impressed?

The Health Nutty Epic Fail:  Not checking the label. It was loaded with corn syrup and hydrogenated oil.  Boo. Bad mama!

Hydrogenated oils are in most peanut butters. I'm talkin'  palm, soybean, coconut, kernel, or corn oil. Natural News describes the process of hydrogenation like this: "They inject a catalyst into the oil for several hours. The catalyst is typically a metal such as nickel, platinum or even aluminum. As this bubbles up into the oil the molecular structure changes and increases in density and rearranges it's molecules so that instead of a liquid at room temperature we now have either semi-solid or solid oil. This creates either partially hydrogenated or fully hydrogenated oils" (NaturalNews.com).  Basically the goal is to make a consistent looking, spreadable product that lasts longer and looks prettier.

Some say that eating hydrogenated oil is close to eating plastic. Since these oils are also worked so hard into being a more dense form, they don't break down, making it more difficult to make it's way through your body (many times, in the form of trans fats) It's hard on our blood...and therefore, our heart. That's why hydrogenated oils are often the result of high blood pressure, and high cholesterol (NaturalNews.com).

And corn syrup. A whole other can of worms. This most-of-the-time GMO'd stuff is linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It "messes with the body's metabolism so that people can't stop eating...making it hard to control cravings, and slows down the hormone 'leptin' in your body to tell you when to stop eating...it's an addictive drug" (howstuffworks.com).   Yikes. No thank you.

What do we take from this epic fail?

Check food labels, and try to put anything back that contains these ingredients.
 It's tough, I know. Especially if these things are on sale. It's clear that I still fail on a regular basis. I know that with certain things, I need to get my healthnutty butt in gear and ditch the bad smooth peanut butter.

Let's be honest, sometimes the hydrogenated kind is tastier. It even spreads easier.  I'm glad I have a husband who keeps me in check. Maybe your hubby could care less about this stuff, and if that's the case, let the Health Nutty Professor be the one who gives you the stink eye! 

The Globe and Mail did an article recently on natural peanut butter. The kind that only has roasted peanuts, without the added sugars, salt, and hydrogenated junk. They reported that natural peanut butter is a good source of B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and even though it's high in fat, it can help reduce inflammation and cholesterol (theglobeandmail.com). So, do yourself and your fam a favour, and get them into a healthier PB!

The best natural peanut butter for you: the jar that only has ONE ingredient...Roasted peanuts!

We love to add natural peanut butter to our steel cut oats. I love milky oatmeal...so I even put some unsweetened almond milk on top too. Natural peanut butter also tastes great in baking. So hey, give it a try! Let me know which natural one you like most.

And that's it for the first Volume of: A Health Nutty Epic Fail. 








Friday, 25 January 2013

RAWesome Friday: The Eat Raw Series

What do constipation, antioxidants, potassium, and sugar fixes have in common?

The goodness of..........

Medjool dates!

There are plenty of reasons to add these guys to your pantry since they contain some great things like:

Fibre: Keeps you regular, full longer, benefits your digestive system, aids in absorbing nutrients, and helps to lower blood cholesterol (Netdoctor.co.uk)

Antioxidants: Here's thehealthnutty simple description of how they work: Nutrients that remove harmful things from our bodies and are said to help prevent disease. The more junk we are exposed to from diet or the environment, the more "free radicals" we will have in our bodies . In the end, this can can contribute to our health becoming unstable. We can help the cells in our bodies by eating antioxidants. (health.howstuffworks.com)

Potassium: Helps to balance the pH in our bodies, is beneficial for good blood circulation, and is excellent for brain and heart health.

B Vitamins: Most of the time, known as 8 vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, folic acid, and biotin... A list that would be a whole other 10 blogs!) These B Vitamins are beneficial to the way your body breaks down carbs into sugar, breaking down fats and proteins, and they are all necessary for healthy muscle tone, intestinal tracts, skin, and hair.

So what do we take from all this?

1. Stay regular, folks. In other words, be nice to your colon!

2. Know that you're getting some great nutrients for your body when you devour a date.

3. If you have a sweet tooth, (I certainly do!) then grab some Medjool yumminess! Usually a date or two does the trick for this healthnut!

The Health Nutty Professor wrote about dates in a previous blog. Check out the recipe HERE to try them in a smoothie! Mmmm mmm! 

Happy Pooping and stay healthy ya'll!







Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The HealthNutty Pick of the Week: Forks Over Knives

Plant-based diets. Sound appealing?

Never thought my husband would go for that! Are ya with me?

After seeing this life-changing documentary, it impacted our family so much, even my husband majorly cut down on meat. Trust me: That's a very. BIG. Deal.

The HealthNutty Pick of the Week isn't one food. It's many. All packed into this amazing, easy to follow, healthy, fun, cookbook. All recipes following a plant-based diet. Don't jump to conclusions yet, okay?

Forks Over Knives talks about losing weight, lowering cholesterol, and most amazingly: preventing or even REVERSING degenerative diseases. I'm talking things like diabetes, Arthritis,  Alzheimer's, and some have even testified to being cured of cancer. Sounds like eating more plant-based meals might do some good to the body! 

If you don't get the documentary on Netflix, you can find it in my recommendations through amazon on the blog. Or, take a peek, HERE.

If you're up for trying out some plant-based recipes, 
Grab the cookbook HERE and check out all 300 recipes!
We love the Easy Bean and Rice wrap recipe! Other fave's from the book include:
Shepherds Pie, Vegetable Stock, and my ultimate fave? Pumpkin Bread Pudding!

 Some other great recipes we are excited to try:  Quinoa Corn and Black Bean Salad, Summer Vegetable Pesto Bake, Cherry Pecan Granola Bars, Banana Almond Granola, Banana Date and Coconut Muesli, Gingerbread Smoothie, Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf, and Vanilla Bean Whip!

So get on it! Watch the documentary, then decide for yourself! Maybe your hubby will change his mind about plant-based diets, too.



Tuesday, 22 January 2013

We have a winner!

Congrats to..............

Erin Smit who won the GIVEAWAY to receive Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care! She will be getting the entire product line mailed to her doorstep! How cool is that!

Be sure to check out www.novascotiafisherman.com to try these amazing products. Canadian owned, and totally affordable. I'm not sponsored by this company people, I just love their stuff!

Stay tuned for the next HealthNutty GIVEAWAY!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Finally, I found one that works.

You stink. Just kidding!

Everyone sweats. Some of us more than others.

Did you know we have between 2 and 5 million sweat glands? That's a lot. 

I've been searching high and low for a natural deodorant that works. I came to a point where I had tried so many brands of sprays and crystal, I decided I was never going to find something that worked as much as the aluminum-filled 'Dove' brand I guiltily love so much.

You might be happy to know that sweating can be a very natural thing. It's the body's way of cooling itself down, and how we release toxins. Sometimes our pits smell rank though! That's why most people want to play it safe, and wear a strong antiperspirant.

That means we're blocking our body from doing what it naturally should.

Depending on the studies you look at, there are many Doctors saying that there is no proof that the aluminum in deodorants or antiperspirants (yep it's true, aluminum can be found in both) hasn't been proven to be harmful. But if you look deeper into the scientific studies that have been done, you see that there may be some links to breast cancer.

A British Doctor named Chris Exley did a study on breast cancer patients. They had all had mastectomy's as a result of breast cancer, and there was aluminum found in their breast tissues. Another study showed breast cancer patients with a higher aluminum content in their body, and most of it was found in their armpit.

Well, Dang.

Although aluminum does a good job in stopping the body from sweating, it's not supposed to be in our bodies. Doctor Exley admits that it's not proven that the cause of aluminum in the armpit was from antiperspirant; although, doesn't that make the most sense?  I appreciate his honesty in admitting that we just don't have enough evidence, and more studies need to be done. He states, "not knowing is not a reason to assume safety." The article goes on to discuss aluminum that can also be found in certain sun screens, as well. See the whole article, here.

This Health Nut would rather play it safe, and find the best natural deodorant that works, without aluminum and parabens.

Join the Health Nutty Professor in switching to a natural deodorant that works! 

I'm so excited to share this awesome brand, Green Beaver. The tea tree oil smells great, goes on clear, and you feel dry all day! My trick is, applying in the morning and the afternoon.

Click here to check out Green Beaver's Awesome Tea Tree Oil Natural Deodorant

Did you know that your body odour is often a result of your diet? Want to change your diet to a "non-stinky" one? Check out this article from Discovery Health that talks about red meat changing the smell of our sweat! See this interesting article, HERE.

Already switched to a natural deodorant you like? Tell me which one! Tried changing your diet and noticed a difference? Tell me about that too!


Until next time, stay healthy ya'll!






Friday, 18 January 2013

Rawesome Friday: The Eat Raw Series

This week, theHealthNuttyProfessor is adding this fantabulous, orange, crunchy, sweet veggie to the Eat Raw Series.


Here's some reasons theHealthNuttyProfessor thinks you should get munchin':

  • Vitamin A - cleansing the liver and flushing out toxins from the body
  • High amounts of potassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and calcium
  • Help with skin problems like acne and blemishes or even dry skin
  • The minerals can benefit your teeth and gums and can kill germs (helps keep plaque down)
  • They are an antiseptic (prevent infection)
  • Can decrease your chance of heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol (up to 10-20!)
  • Contain falcarinol, which has anticancer properties
  • Beta-carotene in carrots can help improve vision 
Thanks to The Carrot Museum for some incredible info! Check out their page HERE.
Let's be honest, the health benefits of carrots easily make them worth putting on your grocery list this next week!

They're one of our favourite things to juice because they are fairly inexpensive, and they are a great combo with oranges and apples.  Add them to your salads, stir fry's, or just plain old munch on a delicious, raw, carrot stick!

Until next time, Stay healthy Ya'll!

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

theHealthNutty Pick of the Week GIVEAWAY!

Why is theHealthNuttyProfessor super dee duper excited about the 'pick of the week'?

This incredible Canadian company has come up with a brilliant product.  It's certified organic, vegan, made from Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, AND contains my all-time fave: coconut oil.

theHealthNutty pick of the week?

Nova Scotia Fisherman Skin Care.

Why is this different than any other soap or skin moisturizer out there, you ask?

It's made with kelp (seaweed), which has amazing benefits to the skin. I'm talkin' things like reducing cellulite, hydrating, cell-generating, improves skin texture and tone, purifies, cleanses, and smoothes and detoxifies! Have I sold you yet?  It's handmade, paraben- free, moisturizes like a gem, and feels like satin to the skin. And did mention is has a beautiful, light, clean, natural scent? Guy or gal, this stuff will rock your socks.

I'm thrilled that Nova Scotia Fisherman is the first HealthNutty GIVEAWAY!

Want in on this?
1. Comment on the blog or Facebook page and suggest a topic you'd like to hear about from theHealthNuttyProfessor.
2. Share your favourite post from the blog through Twitter or Facebook, and mention the GIVEAWAY!

Those who enter within 7 days will have their name put into a virtual name draw to WIN these 5 amazing products from Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care. The winner will be drawn on Tuesday January, 22, 2013.

The winner will receive:  1 of each product from the Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care line mailed right to your doorstep! (Product line pictured above)

If you'd like to purchase this incredible stuff (and I would strongly recommend it!)
visit www.novascotiafisherman.com

Good luck & stay healthy ya'll!






Sunday, 13 January 2013

Why I gave up my favourite food.

If you're anything like me, you'll devour this yummy snack at any time of the day! Because it's that tasty and addictive.

But it doesn't necessarily do your body (or your wallet) any good.


Over the past year, my hubby and I have been on a quest for ditching all processed foods. Cereal is my fave, and was the hardest to give up.

When I did some research on what I was eating, I realized I could be finding healthier options, and saving money while I was at it. 

Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) and BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) are a only a few of the food additives that concern me.
BHT and BHA are used as preservatives in boxed foods. Especially cereals. Both are very controversial in the media. Not only are they used in cereals, they are also used in cosmetics. Studies have shown some cases of higher risk in cancers, tumours, and even changes in hyperactivity in kids. Wanna give it up yet?

Don't even get me started on high fructose corn syrup! Linked with type 2 diabetes, corn is also one of the most dangerous of genetically modified foods. Recently, a study done showed rapid tumour growth, organ damage and cancer linked to GMOs.

Stop reading here for sec, and go check out the photos and video of the results of this first ever life-long study done on rats, by clicking here.   That's it folks. Enough info for me to quit. 

If you love cereal as much as I do, try making your own HealthNutty recipe! There are plenty of healthier homemade granola's. See OhSheGlows.com for some creative and healthy recipes.
I'm going to be trying out this recipe, Cinnamon Bun Granola in the next couple weeks! Won't you join me? Check out the recipe, HERE!

And if all else fails, know that steel cut oats are also a great option. Since it's not processed, it doesn't lose it's nutrient content. High in protein, fibre, B Vitamins and calcium, it's also easier on the wallet. We buy a bag for $2.97, and it feeds us triple the amount a boxed cereal would.

Until next time, stay healthy ya'll!

If the topic of GMO's interests you, theHealthNuttyProfessor will be covering more in depth in the next little while.








Friday, 11 January 2013

Rawesome Friday: the 'Eat Raw' series

Green. Crunchy. Refreshing.

Full of amazing nutrients, this leafy green is a great source of omega 3's, iron, and even calcium.

theHealthNuttyProfessor's rawesome food of the week?

Romaine lettuce.

Packed with fibre, vitamin C, and potassium, romaine is a great veggie to munch on in a salad, wrap, or even blended with fruits in a smoothie.

Compared to iceberg lettuce, romaine contains ten times more vitamin A, more than eight times the amount of vitamin C, four times the vitamin K, and 5 times the amount of folic acid. Big diff.

You might be surprised to know that Romaine even contains about 1.2% protein per head!

All of these things are great for muscle, heart, and brain health.

Leave the iceberg lettuce at the store this week, and know how much more nutritious romaine lettuce can be!

Till next time, stay healthy ya'll!





Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Beautiful AND Beneficial to your health!

Tap water, varnishes, cleaners, and paints. These are only a few things that can contain volatile organic compounds (VOC's). They are pollutants found in most of our homes, schools, and offices.

I always forget about this one amazing way to purify the air. They benefit our bodies, and they're pretty. Win....win!

House plants.

Scientific studies have shown that air qualities in homes, schools, and office's improve with the presence of plants! They are so powerful, that they have been proven to remove VOC's. Rock on.

Plants can increase oxygen levels, and bring moisture into the air. They are said to help with respiratory issues, colds, dry coughs, even dry skin! (Study from Agricultural University in Norway).

The Royal College of Agriculture in England showed that students who were taught in rooms with plants had a much greater attentiveness than students who did not have plants present.

An even more amazing Dutch study showed that adding plants to a patients hospital room helped them heal faster than those who did not have plants present. Rock on even more! 

NASA Scientists have shown that certain plants have been proven to absorb toxins like radon, formaldehyde, and a handful of others. (http://journals.usamvcj.ro/agricultural).

Thanks to the BayerAdvanced website, they listed some of the best plants to have indoors:

Best Plants for Indoor Use

Common NameLatin NameBenefitBest Use
Spider plantChlorophytum comosumPurifies air rapidly; removes formaldehydeLiving spaces
Dragon tree1Dracaena marginataPurifies air; removes formaldehyde, benzene, toluene and xyleneLiving spaces
Gerbera daisy2Gerbera jamesoniiReleases oxygen at night; purifies air by removing benzene and trichloroethyleneBedrooms to refresh nighttime air or living spaces
English ivyHedera helixRemoves benzene from airDorm rooms or home office
Boston fernNephrolepis exaltata‘Bostoniensis’Humidifies airLiving spaces; note that dry winter rooms can quickly kill Boston ferns; mist plants daily for best results
Philodendron3PhilodendronPurifies air; removes formaldehydeLiving spaces of new or renovated homes with new floors, walls, carpets, etc.
Snake plantSansevieria trifasciataPurifies air; removes formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide produced by fuel-burning appliancesLiving spaces, kitchens, rooms with wood stoves
Peace lilySpathiphyllumRemoves mold from airBathrooms or damp areas of home

Okay, so who wants a plant? Or two? Or maybe you noticed some amazing health benefits from having a plant or two around? I'd love to hear about it.

Fern's are a great option for homes with cats/dogs and young children because many of them are non-toxic.

I think it's time I admit, I have a silly artificial plant from HomeSense in my living room. I fear I can't keep multiple plants alive, so I only have 1 plant that's real.  After doing some research, I think I better add to the "real" collection. What do I have to lose? It's going to look pretty anyway.

Til next time, stay healthy ya'll!

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Monday, 7 January 2013

HealthNutty Pick of the Week - Lavender Oil

Stressed or exhausted? Sometimes I don't even know what day of the week it is. 

Many of us are tired, and overworked! It shows up in things like weak immune systems, depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, even skin problems (speaking of skin problems, I have a pimple on my left cheek I'd really like to get rid of).

This herb is a disinfectant, deodorant and even anti-fungal that has been around since ancient times. It was also once used to tame tigers and lions!

theHealthNuttyProfessor's pick of the week?

Lavender oil.

First of all, it smells extraordinary. Kind of like you just entered a luxurious spa.  The smell just has that relaxing affect on you.

Second, it has been used to treat anxiety, and stress. A natural relaxant.  Want a sniff yet?

Thirdly, scientists have discovered that lavender oil is an anti-inflammatory, and has anti-fungal properties (reducing candida and other infections).

And so many more reasons to grab a bottle of lavender oil, check out this list from (organicfacts.net).

More Benefits of Lavender Oil

Nervous System: Lavender essential oil has a calming scent which helps in treating migraines, headaches, anxiety, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress.
Pain Relief: Lavender essential oil is also an excellent remedy for various types of pains including those caused by sore muscles, tense muscles, muscular aches, rheumatism, and sprains. A regular massage with lavender oil provides relief from pain in the joints.
Urine Flow: Lavender essential oil is good for urinary disorders as it stimulates urine production. It helps in restoring hormonal balance and reduces cystitis or inflammation of the urinary bladder. It also reduces any associated cramps.
Respiratory Disorders: Lavender oil is extensively used for various respiratory problems including throat infections, flu, cough, cold, asthma, sinus congestion, bronchitis, whooping cough, laryngitis, and tonsillitis. The oil is either used in the form of vapour or applied on the skin of neck, chest and back. It is also added in many vapourisers and inhalers used for cold and coughs.
Hair Care: Lavender essential oil is useful for the hair care as it can be very effective on lice and lice eggs or nits.
Blood Circulation: Lavender essential oil is also good for improving blood circulation in the body. It also lowers blood pressure and is used for hypertension.
Digestion: Lavender oil is useful for digestion as it increases the mobility of the intestine. The oil also stimulates the production of gastric juices and bile and thus aids in treating indigestion, stomach pain, colic, flatulence, vomiting and diarrhea.
Immunity: Regular use of lavender essential oil provides resistance to diseases.
Other health benefits of lavender essential oil include: sunburn treatment, and effective against insect bites. The oil is also used to repel mosquitoes and moths.

So, who knew there were this many benefits to using lavender oil? 
One of my fave ways to use lavender oil is through aromatherapy in an oil burner. Makes my house smell glorious! And speaking of that pimple on my left cheek, I think I'll go put a drop on that too.
Grab some lavender oil by clicking here.
Cheers to a more relaxed and healthy week everyone. Til next time, stay healthy, ya'll!

 As with many other essential oils, pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid using lavender essential oil.



Saturday, 5 January 2013

Helpful or poisonous?

This "medicine" was once prescribed to reduce thyroid activity, and is now used daily by most of us. What's theHealthNuttyProfessor blabbing about now?


After a visit to the dentist last year, I was chit-chatting with the dental hygienist who was doing my yearly cleaning. She mentioned that she gave fluoride drops to her son, not much older than my little Ollie. She said there was no question about it, "it was going to give him strong, beautiful teeth."

Something about this made me concerned. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion on fluoride. Sort of reminded me of the whole vaccination debate. Either people are "for" it, or "against" it.

I feel that after some research over the past 6 months, we have some answers for our family. Especially since my 11 month old will soon be brushing his ivory! I want to do what's best for my family.  All my life I have used toothpastes and mouthwashes that contain fluoride, but some of these studies and journals made me think again.

I wanted to see some of the scientific evidence and detail on the effectiveness of fluoride. Was it really necessary? After all, why would they put it in drinking water? In my search for answers, I found this Canadian study from 2001. It seemed that whether or not they added fluoride to water, it made no difference to the presence of cavities. Wait, what? Did I read that right?  (fluoridealert.org/articles/colquhoun)

I was even more shocked to find that ingesting fluoride can have negative affects on your brain (even your IQ), thyroid, bones, and kidney's.  I felt uneasy knowing that it was in my toothpaste, black tea, certain de-boned meats, table salt, and even in some children's vitamins (fluoridealert.org).  And the last bit of crazy? It is proven that even low doses of fluoride are neurotoxic (poisonous to your brain). In fact, the sodium fluoride they dump into the water largely comes from China and can be contaminated with lead, arsenic, and even aluminum (Mercola.com, Reuters.com). Sound yummy?

 Doctor Osmunson (a dentist, and missionary's kid who grew up in Kenya) promoted fluoride for 25 years, until some solid studies showed him that it wasn't safe to use. He talks about how toothpaste ads always show large amounts of toothpaste on the toothbrush; but, in reality, we are only supposed to be using a pea sized amount each time (so, we should only be going through a tube of toothpaste every 6 months-year!) He raises some fantastic questions in this awesome video where he shares his story with Doctor Joseph Mercola. Check it out, here. You won't regret it.

So, it seems that fluoride doesn't have any benefits.  It seems that fluoride can hurt your family.  If your city water has fluoride, check out these amazing Berkey water filters.  They are the best filters you'll find, removing all harmful things in your water, including fluoride. Speaking of Berkey's, I'm thirsty!

Maybe next time you and your kidlets are at the dentist, you want to ask for a fluoride-free cleaning? Maybe you'd like to change to a fluoride-free toothpaste? Or maybe you want to start making some positive changes for yourself and your family by investing in the most amazing water filter out there?

It's all a personal choice, and in the end, we do what we believe is best. So please, for the sake of your family, be conscious about fluoride.

theHealthNuttyProfessor's New Year's Resolution? Read labels. Know what I'm buying. Know what products contain harmful things to ingest or put on my skin.

Let's educate ourselves.  And finally, let's look out for each other!

If you'd like to see what toothpaste our family uses and loves, check out the brand Tom'shere.

Until next time, Stay healthy ya'll! 


Video: http://www.fluoridealert.org/fan-tv/prof-perspectives/




Friday, 4 January 2013

Rawesome Friday: The 'Eat Raw' Series

Each Friday, theHealthNuttyProfessor is going to present a raw food of the week.  Rawesome Friday.

Our first raw food?


Constipated after all the treats over the holidays? Struggling with headaches, or a sore throat?

Radishes are a laxative, high in vitamin C, fibre, and contain loads of zinc. They are a great way to detox after the holiday's! Also a wonderful source of B vitamins, vitamin K, manganese, calcium, iron, and potassium...just to name a few!

As a topical treatment, the juice from radishes helps as an anti-inflammatory and will reduce the pain of insect bites, too.

Adding radishes to salads is the most common way to eat them. But maybe you want to get a little nuttier? Check out this awesome blog Vegging Out on some new ways to enjoy this veggie.

Thanks for checking out the first of Rawesome Friday!

Stay healthy ya'll!





Tuesday, 1 January 2013

HealthNutty Pick of the Week: Epsom Salts

Holiday's are wonderful, aren't they?
But they can be so insanely busy, we become crazy exhausted.

What's your fave thing to do after a busy day? After the busyness of the holidays, I'm so ready to relax! In a nice hot bath.

My HealthNutty pick of the week?

Epsom salts.

Did you know they soothe muscle aches and pains?
They can draw out slivers, reduce swelling, remove odours from the skin, and even detox the body.

Also, most of us are deficient in magnesium which can lead to issues like depression, mental and physical stress, and even sleep problems. Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) could be more beneficial to your health than you think.

One of my favourite doctor's writes, "a potential way to get more magnesium into your system is via the pleasant method of soaking in a bath of magnesium sulfate, otherwise known as Epsom salts. Commonly used to ease muscle aches and pains, magnesium sulfate also importantly helps with detoxification when sulfur is needed by the body for this purpose. 
A couple of cups of Epsom salts added to a hot bath will induce sweating and detoxification; after the water cools a bit, the body will then absorb the magnesium sulfate."

So, after the busyness of the holidays, why not soak in the great memories of 2012? Let's do something good for our bodies and reflect on the wonderful things in life! Kick back, relax, and enjoy a book while soaking in some wonderful, health-promoting Epsom salts
Heck, I was sold way back at the word, "bath." I'm off to draw one.
Happy 2013!

Check out these Epsom salts from Well.ca, here.