Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Health Nutty Pick of the Week: I'm Giddy Yo Yo!

This week, we are re-visiting the goodness of chocolate.

An organic, raw, vegan, 70% cocoa, wild Ecuadorian chocolate bar.

The brand? Mark and Bridgitte's Giddy Yoyo.

The flavours?  
Banana Nutmeg, Mint, Vanilla, Orange, Spicy, Ginger, Spirulina, Xtra dark, or Chaga. 

Um, yum!

This amazing Canadian company is dedicated to bringing us the highest quality, healthiest, tastiest raw chocolate.

Raw cacao is high in antioxidants reducing free radicals in the body. It also contains a good amount of sulfur, and magnesium. It's great for allieviating stress, and may even treat depression, and can lower cholestorol (  Hook me up with some raw chocolate, cause I'm giddy for some Giddy Yo Yo!

You may find these things fascinating:


  • Grown in high–elevation highly mineralized volcanic soil.
  • Brought down from the mountainous regions via donkey back.
  • Minimum 30 year old True Arriba Cacao trees, some as old as 80 years.
  • Water source is rain or deep mountain spring water, never from irrigation of potentially contaminated rivers and streams.
  • 100% Arriba. We select the pods and never acquire product from aggregators thus no possible cross–contamination with the CCN51 or other low quality hybridsthat are pervasive in the area.
  • 100% Raw from start to finish.
  • Intense deep raw chocolate flavor.
  • Always Sun Dried, never gas dried.
  • Phytic Acid free.
  • Pods are harvested only when fully mature and ripe.
  • Zero jitters due to complete lack of mycotoxins, mold, yeast and fungus (which cause an adrenal response thus the jitteriness which is similar & associated withcaffeine stimulation.
  • Processed on 100% custom artisan equipment that has never seen any other cacao but our own.
  • Processed in our own state–of–the–art artisan facility.
  • From ”Pod to Bar“ Facility.
  • Organic Certified.
  • Kosher Certified.
  • Exceeds fair–trade standards.

Wondering where you can purchase a bar? Check out to order some of these puppies! 

For RAWesome Valentines, The Health Nutty Professor shared the amazing Raw Chocolate Cake Recipe. Don't miss out on that! See the recipe, HERE.


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Health Nutty Movie Review: CHOW DOWN

Fascinated by the way food heals, The Health Nutty Professor was incredibly moved while watching this documentary written and directed by Julia Grayer and Gage Johnson. It truly is an awesome flick that makes you think twice.

CHOW DOWN documents the journey of 3 individuals. Two diagnosed with severe heart disease, and another with Type 2 Diabetes.

"What if you could avoid all surgeries and prescriptions, but no one is telling you how?" (

Charles, John and Garnet are all people like you and me. All wanting to live long, happy, healthy lives. Each of their lives were turned upside down when they learn how close to death they were. It was time to make a change, and right away.

Instead of surgeries, prescription pills, the 3 embark on a fascinating journey to reverse their diseases; and the results are remarkable.

Did you know that almost 90% of diabetes can be reversed?
We may even be able to prevent almost 60% of cancers (

When are we going to stop band-aiding certain health issues and actually get to the root of the problem? 

Watch the documentary, and be prepared to have your life changed. Here's the trailer:

Grab the movie CHOW DOWN, from HERE.

Others you may want to check out, too:
Forks Over Knives
Dying To Have Known
Fat Sick and Nearly Dead
Hungry for Change
A Beautiful Truth
Food Matters
Food Inc.


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Friday, 22 February 2013

RAWesome Friday: The Health Benefits of Rosemary

Got the toots? Stomach cramps? Indigestion?

Or maybe you just need a little brain food, or fresher breath?

Rosemary (dried, or oil) has some wonderful health benefits. 

The Fun stuff

Rosemary contains carnosol, which has been shown to reduce carcinogens, and tumours. Studies also show it may  help to prevent various cancers (

BRAIN:  Improves the circulation of blood to the brain and can significantly improve memory (

HAIR & SCALP:  Helps to "stimulate hair follicles and makes hair fuller and stronger. It's also a great natural treatment for dandruff (

MOUTH:  Freshens breath! Rosemary is a natural disinfectant. Bye bye nasty poo breath!

YUMMY IMMUNE BOOSTER! Contains high levels of antioxidants, and tastes incredible on stir-fry's, eggs, meat, chili, and pizza! Grab it in the produce section this week!

Calms nerves, treats headaches, cleanses the liver, anti-aging, and is also anti-bacterial (

Most grocery stores sell fresh rosemary. Or if you'd like to try rosemary oil, health food stores carry it.

Don't have time to shop? Check it out, HERE!

Hold on a minute:  Rosemary is safe. Rarely would you experience side effects. However, pregnant women should avoid taking large amounts of rosemary because it may lead to uterine contractions and miscarriage. People with high blood pressure should not take rosemary because it may raise blood pressure. 



Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Health Nutty Pick of the Week: GIVEAWAY Part deux!

Do you suffer from digestive problems, heartburn, urinary tract infections, autoimmune disease, high cholesterol, or weight gain? Apparently our drinking water may be linked to these problems (

Doctor Joseph Mercola discusses the "convenience" of tap water, but how it's not necessarily the best for you. Various places have found arsenic, and aluminum in their water.

If you are one of those people that thinks you're safe because you drink bottled water, you might want to hear me out here. Bottled water is no better for you than tap water.

An article from USA Today did a study on what's in bottled water. Here's what they found: "The study's lab tests on 10 brands of bottled water detected 38 chemicals including bacteria, caffeine, the pain reliever acetaminophen, fertilizer, solvents, plastic-making chemicals and the radioactive element strontium. Though some probably came from tap water that some companies use for their bottled water, other contaminants probably leached from plastic bottles, the researchers said.
"In some cases, it appears bottled water is no less polluted than tap water and, at 1,900 times the cost, consumers should expect better," said Jane Houlihan, an environmental engineer who co-authored the study."

Not to mention, you are most likely drinking from a bottle that contains BPA, and if you use these bottles over and over again, there are health risks.  In addition, they're horrible for the environment since many bottles are burned or buried when disposed of.

Did you know that today about one-fifth of the population drinks bottled water exclusively? ( Yikes.

So what's the solution?

Berkey water filtration systems keep the necessary minerals in the water, but remove 99.9% of junk. I'm talkin' chlorine, aluminum, copper, mercury, and more.

 Do you travel much? Go camping in the summers? Hike often? Constantly on the go? Spend a lot of time at the gym?

Sounds like you need a Sport Berkey (pictured above).

Fill this guy up with tap water, river water, or lake will filter it on the spot, and you're good to go. 

Why pay for another bottle of water again? 


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Those that have emailed their names by Sunday February 27 at 12pm will be entered into a virtual draw. The winner will have a Sport Berkey mailed directly to their doorstep!

The Health Nutty Professor featured Berkey's as the number 1 discovery of 2012. Check out the article, HERE!


Monday, 18 February 2013

The healing touch of....

Mozart. Dave Matthews. Miles Davis. As I Lay Dying. 
All great musical artists. All different genres. 

From classical to heavy metal, music is an amazing gift on many levels.

It was time The Health Nutty Professor did an article on the health benefits of music.  The studies done on how music effects plants, animals, and humans... are incredibly fascinating.

Here's why....

Vibrations from classical music were shown to encourage the growth of plants significantly compared to those exposed to rock music, or with no music at all ( Many have done their own experiments by putting 3 of the same kind of plant in 3 different rooms in their house. Each placed by a radio. One with no music, one with classical music, and one with rock. The results seem to be consistent. The plants lean closer and bloom faster with classical music playing. Amazing stuff.
Want to know more about the studies done on music and plants? Check out the book The Sound of Music and Plants by Dorothy Retallack. (Also see the health benefits of plants from a Health Nutty Professor's previous blog, HERE).

Birds are one of God's coolest creations. They innately know music, since they sing away so beautifully. Discovery News wrote a very interesting article called 'What Music Do Pets Prefer?' The article says "an animal psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has discovered that animals march to the beat of a different drum altogether. They enjoy what he calls "species-specific music" tunes specially designed using the pitches, tones and tempos that are familiar to their particular species"  (

They conclude that animals like what goes with their heart rate and what kind of pitches that are soothing to them. A woman named Alianna Boone is a musician and a researcher. She studied at a Veterinary Clinic looking at the healing power of music in dogs. The playing of her harp reduced many different dog's struggling with anxiety and disease, even pain management. She has done studies on cows, and gorillas, showing similar calming results.

Music's Effect on the human body
Did you know there's such thing as 'Music Therapy'? It is often used for cancer patients, reducing stress for patients during surgery, brain disorders, or even calming children with ADHD. Many studies have been done showing that music therapy can also speed up the recovery of hospital patients ( states, "There is evidence that music therapy can reduce high blood pressure, rapid heart beat, depression, and sleeplessness...medical experts do believe it can reduce some symptoms, aid healing, improve physical movement, and enrich a patient’s quality of life......Other clinical trials have revealed a reduction in heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, insomnia, depression, and anxiety with music therapy. Studies have shown that music can affect brain waves, brain circulation, and stress hormones. These effects are usually seen during and shortly after the music therapy."

Further, "Studies have shown that students who take music lessons have improved IQ levels, and show improvement in nonmusical abilities as well. Other studies have shown that listening to music composed by Mozart produces a short-term improvement in tasks that use spatial abilities. Studies of brain circulation have shown that people listening to Mozart have more activity in certain areas of the brain. This has been called the “Mozart effect.” Although the reasons for this effect are not completely clear, this kind of information supports the idea that music can be used in many helpful ways" (

Even heavy metal can play a part in emotional healing. Many who struggle with depression or anxiety have a "mood boost" from listening to what they love. Listening to your fave tunes can also help some people concentrate. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal showed that listening to pleasurable music of any description induced 'musical chills', which triggered the release of the feel-good chemical dopamine" ( All the more reason to crank up the tunes.

Maybe the plants in our homes would thrive if we played more classical music? 

Maybe I'm not that crazy for leaving the radio on for my animals when I'm not home?!

Maybe it's time we use music to help give us that "mood boost" we need to get us through a long day? 

Maybe we can shorten a friend's recovery from surgery, or illness by making them a beautiful mix of classical music? It's worth a shot, right?

We may never know all of the benefits music has on us, but isn't it worth digging up some great tunes you love? And thanks to the Songza app, I can discover and enjoy music from all different artists, too.

But for now, it's time for a mood boost. I'm tuning in to Jazz 91. Oh how I love thee.

So crank up some tunes on this beautiful Family Day, and rock on.


Friday, 15 February 2013

HealthNutty Pick of the Week: Tea Tree Hand Soap

I wash my hands like crazy. Mostly because I'm a bit of a germaphobe. But also as a new mama, I'm constantly changing diapers, making food in the kitchen, and hey, I like to smell nice. Anyone with me?

There is a certain brand that is my all-time fave, and  the company just recently came to Canada. Nearly everyone has a bottle of soap from this place sitting on their counter. But, I am saddened to say that their products are full of parabens and other chemicals. Yes, sometimes I might still use them because they have wonderful seasonal products, and they smell insanely good...but it was time I found something better for me, and my family to be using on a regular basis. Plus, I needed to find something more cost-effective.

Did you know that many people mistake antibacterial products as being necessary to fight off germs? The Food and Water Watch released a statement saying, "Health experts have challenged the idea that these products are necessary for everyday household use. In fact, soaps that contain triclosan have not been proven to be more effective in preventing normal household illnesses than ordinary soap and water. In 2005, an FDA advisory panel of experts voted 11 to one that antibacterial soaps were no more effective than regular soap and water in fighting infections (

Triclosan is an antibacterial agent used in soaps, toothpastes, socks, children's toys, and even bedding (, Certain studies on animals exposed to it have seen an alter in hormone regulation, and may cause problems in the resistance of antibiotics ( Although there are still studies being done on humans, there are ongoing studies on the safety of its use. The other downside is that Triclosan has been said to kill good bacteria along with the bad. 

So why not use a natural God-given antibacterial agent like tea tree oil?

I found this Nature's Gate Tea Tree Soap in the health food section at Zehrs. It's great because it's paraben, phalate, and sulfate free. You get 300+ pumps per bottle, smells grande, and it even has a lovely tingly feeling after use from the wonderful spearmint ingredient they added in there. Not to mention, tea tree oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal (

Check out the hand soap by Nature's Gate at, HERE.

To learn more about tea tree oil, check out a previous blog written by The Health Nutty Professor HERE.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

RAWesome Valentines: The Eat Raw Series for the Chocoholic!

This week, it's time for a treat! Yes siree, it's chocolately. 

In honour of Valentine's Day, The Health Nutty Professor is doing Rawesome Friday a tad bit early. Cheers to those chocolate lovers out there! And hey, Happy Valentine's, too.

Did you know that unsweetened cocoa powder has some great health benefits? points out, "The endless benefits of unsweetened cocoa include a healthier heart, relief from diarrhea, protection from colon cancer, improved insulin sensitivity, and improvement of cognitive function.", a website by Naturopathic Physician's lists cocoa powder as "a medicine backed by modern research with far reaching implications for treating cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and other degenerative diseases....and cocoa could potentially be equally or more beneficial than antibiotics or anaesthesia" (

Further, unsweetened cocoa powder is loaded with antioxidants, and if eaten in moderation can be good for 

the cardiovascular system because it is rich in plant nutrients called "flavanoids" (

Overall, eating cocoa can help boost the immune system by helping to ditch bad toxins (much like apples, dates, or green tea).  So next time you have a craving for chocolate, try making something with unprocessed cocoa powder. Here's a great recipe for starters.

Load me up on some chocolate cake, yo!

Raw Chocolate Cake (recipe altered from

1 1/2 cups walnuts
1  cup pecans
1/2 cup almonds
1 1/2 cup medjool dates
1 1/2 cups raisins
6 tbsps raw cocoa powder
3 tablespoons pure vanilla extract
Berries (to put on top)

Add 1 ingredient at a time into a food processor. Give it some time, takes a while to blend! You want to add slowly so that there are no chunks.
When you're done processing, it should look like brownie dough. When you take it out, form it into whatever shape you'd like, or put it in a cake dish. I used a pie plate, worked great!
Put it in the fridge, and eat chilled. It's so delicious!

The Health Nutty Professor's finished product, pictured to the right.

Have a RAWesome Valentines!


Monday, 11 February 2013

A Health Nutty Epic Fail: Volume 2

What up Volume 2! Yes fellow health nuts, there has yet been another mighty fail. And there will be plenty more to come.

Here we go, the second round of A Health Nutty Epic Fail.

What's the topic of discussion?

Bottled salad dressings.

Most of us know that eating dark leafy greens can be refreshing, delicious, and super good for you. The part where many of us go wrong is buying the convenience of a pre-made dressing. So what's the downfall?

MSG (monosodium glutamate), trans fats, added sugars, and corn syrup. And hey, you don't get the delicious freshness and health benefits of a homemade dressing. In my healthnutty opinion, store bought and homemade aren't even comparable.

For starters, MSG is a preservative and "flavour enhancer" that is in most processed foods. Many studies show it is a neurotoxin. Sadly, there is no "limit" on it's use in Canada.
In my research, I came across an American Food Scientist named Carol Hoernlein who ended her career as she learned the secrets and major health risks in the consumption of MSG. Pretty powerful stuff. 

Weston A Price's article on MSG states,
  "MSG has now been implicated in a number of the neurogenerative diseases, including Lou Gerhig's disease, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, and Huntington's disease......In general, the natural glutamic acid found in food does not cause problems but the synthetic free glutamic acid formed during industrial processing is a toxin. In addition, when MSG is formed using hydrochloric acid the final product includes carcinogens" ( 

Read more about the effects of MSG from Weston A Price, HERE.
I have discussed corn syrup before, and trust me, it's a major no-no, too. See more on that on the 1st Epic fail, HERE.

We often make our salad dressings with Apple Cider Vinegar. It has natural healing properties, and it has a wonderful tangy flave. If you get the cold pressed organic kind, lists the wonderful things it contains as so:
  • Potassium – helps to prevent brittle teeth, hair loss and runny noses.
  • Pectin – helps to regulate blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol.
  • Malic Acid – gives the properties of being resistant to viruses, bacteria, and fungus.
  • Calcium – supports strong bones and teeth.
  • Ash – gives its alkaline property which aids your body in maintaining proper pH levels for a healthy alkaline state.
  • Acetic Acid – It appears that this acid slows the digestion of starch which can help to lower the rise in glucose that commonly occurs after meals.
Overall, it's amazing because it goes through two fermentation processes. As the Global Healing Center mentions that it, "produces enzymes and life giving nutrients" (

So, next time you want the convenience of a bottled dressing, remember it's actually fast and easy (AND a ba jillion times more delicious) to make your own! Try this one! Werd!

HealthNutty Apple Cider Vinegar Salad Dressing Recipe

3/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup cold pressed apple cider vinegar
1 clove garlic
salt & pepper
1 tbsp mustard
pinch of oregano leaves

It's best if you make it and eat it that same day. Although, it will keep in the fridge for a day or so.

"Jazz up" your leafy greens and check out TLC's 10 Homemade and Healthy Salad Dressings or for more amazing homemade salad dressing ideas.



Friday, 8 February 2013

RAWesome Friday: Hemp Hearts

What the Hemp! 

It's time for RAWsome Friday once again, and today we're talking about a super food that brings amazing health benefits.

Hemp seeds (or also called hemp hearts) are an amazing source of energy, and protein. They will keep you bright-eyed and feeling amazing for the day!

Many see a change in their food cravings when they start eating hemp at the beginning of each day They find it easier to avoid sugars and other carbs ( mentions how hemp seeds are a great food to help lower blood cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and helps to improve the immune system. Thanks to, there is a great list of some of the health benefits of hemp hearts:

  • Contains more required amino acids (proteins) than milk, meat or eggs.
  • Is a complete protein rich source,  much more balanced and digestible than Soy products.
  • Contains about 47% oil, 78% of which is omega 3 and 6 , the essential fats.
  • Has all the essential or omega fats required for human health.
  • Contains several times more omega 3 essential fat than any fish.
  • Provides more energy than energy bars, without their sugar and with much less saturated fat.
  • They are suitable for those unable to eat gluten, sugar, nuts, and meat.
  • Excellent for those troubled with constipation.
  • Perfect for those avoiding carbohydrates.
  • A 42 g serving (4 tbsp) contains 240 calorie energy from 15 g protein,15 g polyunsaturated fats (11.4 g omega 6 and 3.6 g omega 3), 2.7 g mono-unsaturated fats, 2.1 g saturated fats, 2.5 g fiber, 4.5 g carbohydrates, 
  • 2 mg iron, 31 mg calcium, 3.8 mg sodium, 3.8 mg vitamin E, 956 IU vitamin D, .42 mg vitamin C, .05 mg B6, .58 mg vitamin B1, 1.6 IU vitamin A.

The Health Nutty Professor has had Hemp Hearts each morning on steel cut oats for 2 weeks straight. I kid you not, it has a wonderful nutty taste, has given me more energy, and has made my skin and hair look the best it has in years! I love this stuff! The downside:  it is a little pricey. But sometimes you can find it on sale.

I purchased the Nutiva brand because:  1. I love Nutiva stuff. 2. It's cheaper than most other brands, for the same great quality. 3. It's cheaper (and I believe, better for you) than meat.

Wanna give 'em a try? You can purchase them in most health food sections at the grocery store.

Don't have time to shop? Grab them, HERE.

Keep it Raw!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

HealthNutty Pick of the Week!

It might smell rank, and taste like death,  but this oil does wonders!

Oil of Oregano.

Used since ancient times for treating wounds,   Oregano means "Delight of the Mountains." It is an incredible thing to have in your medicine cabinet. lists Oil of Oregano as "anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, digestive, and anti-allergenic."


Let's talk about some of the uses:

Treating Colds & Flus - taking drops in orange juice or water can help keep away viral infections (It has worked for our family for years!) Some studies have even shown how it can protect from measles, mumps, or pox (

Treats yeast infections (Candida) -The Candida Diet lists Oil of Oregano as a great way to start Candida treatment as a natural antibiotic. states that in the treatment of Candida "chemicals react with the water in your bloodstream to dehydrate and kill the Candida yeast cells." The article also discusses a study showing how Oil of Oregano is a better and more effective treatment for candida than 18 other pharmaceutical drugs (

Treats Intestinal Parasites - Another study looked at patients taking Oil of Oregano for 6 weeks. Over half of the patients that had intestinal problems had issues improve greatly (

Cancer Fighter - Some studies have shown that taking Oil of Oregano can have cancer fighting properties. The study found here discusses how breast cancer cells were effectively killed from taking Oil of Oregano (

Treats allergies - Oil of oregano is said to be calming and gives relief  from allergies (

Repels Insects - Oregano oil can help "neutralize the extract venom from insects, spiders, and snake bites." (

Other cool things Oil of Oregano does: helps to reduce discomfort and tension due to inflammation, (amazingly helps with toothaches, headaches, acne, and even burns), helps with ear infections.  I have also seen amazing results in healing cold sores if applied straight to sore.

Oil of Oregano is to be administered to children through their feet only. It's strong stuff, but can be soothing if absorbed through the skin. If you are pregnant, nursing,  or on blood thinners, it's not a good idea to take it.

So there you have it.
Sound like something worth having in your house? I'd say so. Grab a bottle for you and your fam-jam. has it here!

The Health Nutty Professor loves Oil of Oregano.  I use it myself and on my kid. But I am not a doctor. If you're concerned about using it, contact a health professional. Make sure you know the side effects and how to take it before using it. 


Monday, 4 February 2013

Peace Out Trident.

Gum-a-holic. That was the best word to describe my love for this stuff.

When I learned I was pregnant, I did some research on aspartame. Learning about the negative affects scared me enough to quit gum for good. Besides cereal, this was the second hardest thing I've given up.

I was surprised to find that Juicy Fruit, Bubbulicious, HubbaBubba, Excel, and Trident along with EVERY gum in the stinkin' store had aspartame! 

What in tarnation is going on?!

 It was time the Health Nutty Professor took a closer look.

 NutraSweet, Sweet'n'Low, Equal, and Splenda are some of the most popular artificial sweeteners.

An article from the Mayo Clinic states that "Artificial sweeteners are known as intense sweeteners because they are many times sweeter than regular sugar. Artificial sweeteners are attractive alternatives to sugar because they add virtually no calories to your diet. and you need only a fraction compared to the amount of sugar you would normally use for sweetness" (

So hey, that doesn't sound so bad. The article even goes on to say that artificial sweeteners can be good for weight control, and can be beneficial to those with diabetes because they don't raise blood sugar levels like normal sugar would  ('ve even noticed some sweeteners with added fibre, and antioxidants. But can this actually be healthy? 

All of this just doesn't sit well with me. 

Here's why:

Did you know that 92% of independent studies show that aspartame has potential for adverse effects? Evidence shows that an overload of aspartame can lead to headaches, depression, kidney problems, even cancer, diabetes, and obesity (Dr. John Briffa at, Some have even gone further to say that  consumption of aspartame may be a contributor to pre-term labour, spina bifida, and even autism, pointing out the risks in the ingestion of Methanol  ( Apparently when we eat aspartame, we ingest chemicals our bodies can't break down. Aspartame converts into methanol (wood alcohol) which in high doses is a dangerous toxic chemical. (

To top it off, I found another study that showed high dosages of sweeteners can cause "neurodegeneration," and even "behavioural disturbances" (

Still wanna see if Juicy Fruit is gonna move ya? If it's gonna move ya anywhere, it might just be movin' ya to the hospital.

I was shocked to find what studies showed when it came to the carcinogenic effects of aspartame when fed to rats and even a more recent long-term study on humans in October 2012. The results are frightening. We're talking a major increase in tumours, lymphoma and leukemia. See more on the article,  here.

The Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health released this article stating, " there needs to be an urgent reexamination of the present guidelines on the use and consumption of aspartame" ( 

So, why real sugar vs artificial sweetener?

Here's where The Health Nutty Professor sits on the topic:

I'm confused as to why Food Administrations in Canada, US, and Europe won't change their guidelines. Once again, I'm sure this is money related.

There are more negative articles on artificial sweeteners than positive ones. But all sugar (including artificial) can cause damage to our health if too much is consumed. I do believe that your body knows what to do when you eat "normal" sugar more than it does when we are tricking the body with artificial sweeteners. With the "fake" kind, our bodies don't understand what's going on, it's hard for the body to recognize, and therefore can't process it well.

So next time you want gum, sweetener in your coffee, boxed cereals, low calorie yogourt, or a diet soda, you may want to think again. Our family has chosen to stay away from all artificial sweeteners. That also includes sucralose, saccharin, acesulfame, and neotame.

Our goal: To eat nutritious sugars if we need a fix! Juice it up! Have an apple. Or an orange. Some dried fruit. A Medjool date. Easier said than done, I know. It's a constant work in progress....this journey to be healthier!

What's the thing you love that might be worth giving up? 

The Health Nutty Professor hasn't chewed gum for almost 2 years. 

And all I have left to say is........

Peace out, Trident.


Friday, 1 February 2013

RAWesome Friday: The Eat Raw Series

Your breath might smell like death after eating too much of this!

The Health Nutty Professor says: Too bad so sad! It has incredible flavour, and amazing health benefits!


High in antioxidants and Vitamin C, garlic is a great natural antibiotic. Load some into your salad dressing, or pasta, soup, you name it!
 ......Let's kick the flu's arse this season.

Natural Society lists garlic as being anti-infection, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Even rubbing raw garlic on your skin can kick yeast or viruses (

Garlic is a great way to detox, as well. It cleanses the liver and kicks out the bad toxins (

Researchers have recently discovered that garlic is 100 times more powerful and beneficial than other antibiotics at fighting intestinal illnesses ( You go, Garlic!

Thanks to Natural, their list tells us some amazing ways garlic is beneficial:

  • Toothache – Among many home remedies for toothache, the use of garlic has been passed down for years to treat this issue; the antibiotic compound called allicin is what give garlic this ability. When garlic is crushed, this compound is released, helping to slow bacterial activity upon application and ingestion. Try applying a crushed garlic clove or garlic powder to the area. It may burn, but the pain from the toothache could vanish within minutes, although it could take hours. Repeat this over a few days, and you all should be well.
  • Repel mosquitoes – Although not conclusive, there is a long history of using garlic to get rid of many insects. Garlic has a reputation for protecting people from mosquito bites, specifically.
  • Warts - Each night before bed, crush up a clove of garlic, rub it on the wart, and apply a bandage. Additionally, cover the wart with juice from garlic twice a day.
  • Stuffy nose or nasal congestion – Garlic is one ingredient in one of the most popular home remedies for nasal congestion: tomato tea. Tomato tea is by far the most effective method as reported by peers on Earthclinic. It’s hot and spicy, providing steam and pepper to clear your sinuses, as well as a wallop of vitamin C and a boost to the immune system. Combine the following ingredients in a food processor and heat over a stove until steaming.
    • 1 cup tomato juice
    • 1 tsp fresh garlic
    • ½ tsp of hot sauce
    • 1 tsp lemon juice
    • Pinch of sea or celery salt

So, get on it! Add a ridiculous amount to your food this week! 

Warning: If you overdo it like me, you just might knock everyone else out. At least make sure the hubby eats the same amount you do!