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HealthNutty Top 13 Discoveries of 2013

Oh blogging, how I've missed you!

Today, I am finally bringing you some of my fave discoveries of 2013. I am amazed that so many of you have kept up with my blogging, almost 11,000 views since last December! I'm sorry for such a long absence. Between work, a 2 year old, and another lil' bun in the oven, life gets crazy sometimes. I'll do my best to keep posting my research throughout the year. Thanks for hanging out here!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year, and stay healthy everyone.

Top 13 'HealthNutty' Discoveries of 2013

13. Dr. Joel Fuhrman's "Disease Proof Your Child"

Keep those kidlets healthy! Dr. Joel Fuhrman, writer of "Eat to Live" provides some great scientific evidence on how to protect our children (and ourselves) from damaging immunity, and eating foods that prevent disease and illness. Even though we don't follow his guidelines to a "T", he certainly has some great information, all of which every parent should be informed. His many years as a Medical Doctor shed light on the industry, and how our diets need a drastic change for us to stay healthy. His family practise showed links between diet and allergies, ear infections, behavioural problems, with an overall poor immunity of children.  Grab it from amazon, and learn how to protect your little ones from serious chronic diseases, even later in life.

12. Yoso Coconut Yogourt

Eliminating or limiting dairy in your diet? This Canadian company provides a delicious, sugar-free, soy free, gluten free, and dairy free yogurt. It has a great smooth consistency, and Yoso makes it in coconut, vanilla, and even in a chocolate flavour! Get in my b-e-l-l-y!

Check your grocery store's health food fridge.

11. Sovereign Silver

Made from Pure elemental silver and purified water, "Colloidal Silver" is said to be "the ultimate preparedness first aid product; more valuable than antibiotics..." (Naturalnews.com). I discovered Sovereign Silver through a friend of mine who used it to help her kids get over the chicken pox. I have used it myself to kill off pathogens and any bacteria in the system to prevent illness or parasites. I know others who swear by it, and take it overseas in the event of food poisoning!  It can also be used topically, or internally to help fight off bacteria and infection.
I'm learning more about how this mineral works, but it's something I'm happy to keep in my medicine cabinet. Even better? Bottles never expire and will apparently last forever. A product worth investigating to improve health. Chat with your ND.

10. 100% Pure Cocoa Butter

The amazing "cacao bean" brings us the goodness of pure cocoa butter.  When melted, it spreads wonderfully, and smells phenomenal. Ever melted some delicious fresh chocolate for fondue? When I use 100% cocoa butter on my skin, I feel like the tastiest, freshest, walking chocolate bar.  Mmmmm! It just smells so pure...and it is one of the most gentle, sweet, and natural moisturizers you'll find out there. It's also great for rubbing all over a preggo belly to help prevent stretch marks, and has been said to help heal various skin irritations. It's also food grade, so bake with it if you want! It's edible. I know you want to try it.
Check it out, at Well.ca!

9. Nature's Gate Natural Toothpaste

Thanks to Raffi, my 2 year old has fun brushing his teeth. Better yet, he especially enjoys this fluoride-free minty toothpaste. It foams up nicely, doesn't overwhelm your mouth, and gives you tasty breath.

Read more about why we chose to go fluoride-free, here. 

So if you want to wake up in the morning at a quarter to 8, get your breath together with some tasty Nature's Gate. Ya brush your teeth...ch ch ch ch......Give 'er a go, check it out, HERE.

8. Nova Scotia Fisherman's Lip Balm 

 I absolutely love this company. Canadian. Chemical free. Smells amazing. Phenomenal customer service. And, overall fantastic product. If you're anything like me, your lips need some major pampering, especially in the ridiculous winter months.  I posted a while back about their mind-blowing hand cream. Now I'm going to encourage you to try the lip balm. It's Nova Scotia Fisherman time yo! Do your lips a favour and get some asap. Do your whole body a favour and get some soap, and moisturizing cream too, ya?

7.  Meredith Deasley's "The Resourceful Mother's Secret's to Healthy Kids"

I'm down with health books...but I'm especially in awe of this one.

The best word to describe this book? Revolutionary.

This book is my go-to for Oliver. From finding healthier alternatives, eliminating toxins, and even amazing recipes, I am so grateful for Deasley's book, and for the journey she has been on with her own children. I am encouraged to know that I can cure my baby's diaper rash through natural treatments, and diet. I am thankful I understand the difference between food sensitivities and allergies. I am thankful I can help my little guy's brain development and his overall behaviour by providing the nutrients for him to grow the way he was designed to! Does your little one have strange symptoms you just can't figure out? I bet this book can help. It's a book every parent must have. Learn more about Meredith's story, and please, I beg you, grab the book, too! Check out:  http://www.theresourcefulmother.com/

6. J. R. Watkins Lemon Cream Hand & Body Lotion

Oh. My.

This stuff is incredible. And I want to eat it. It literally smells like someone took a pie, and removed the lemon cream for you to rub all over your skin. It's Phthalate, Paraben, and yuck free. It's got goodies like shea butter, cocoa butter, and even avacado oil. Trust me, put your birthday money towards this. Or gift it to someone else and pretend it's yours.You must try it! Try not to eat it, that is....

Grab it, HERE.

5. Grapefruit Seed Extract 

I feel like I'm a little late on the GSE bandwagon. This stuff does amazing things; yet, I have just discovered it's amazingness! With high amounts of "disease-fighting, free radical- eliminating antioxidants and phytonutrients, it is a well-known natural immune-system stimulator and booster" (globalhealingcenter.com). It has so many different benefits, like speeding up the healing of wounds or scar tissue, anti-viral and anti-fungal, powerful antiseptic, helpful treatment for topical skin infections, environmentally friendly way to wash vegetable and fruit from toxins, preventative for yeast (candida), used to fight off parasites (food borne illness), and can even be used as a flea treatment for pets (globalhealingcenter.com)!  We bought what our Naturopath recommended, the New Roots brand. Always chat to your health care provider before using it, since it's pretty potent stuff.

4. Kiss My Face Cucumber Melon Deodorant 

Finally, I have kissed my stinky pits, goodbye! It has been a battle finding something that continually works. I do like Green Beaver's brand of tea tree deodorant, but Kiss My Face has done a much better job with scent, and longevity! I am in love. With my deodorant.

 Zehrs carries this, and so does WELL.CA!

3. The Honest Company - www.honest.com

Put something honest on that baby's buns!
I'm super impressed with Jessica Alba and her vision to bring us safer products for our families. Since sometimes cloth diapers don't work for everyone, there are other options. Options that are more environmentally friendly, and chemical-free..unlike most diaper brands out there.
I adore the diaper designs the Honest Company brings us! Choose designs you like, specifically for girl or boy, they're just so cute!  The honest wipes are gentle, yet refreshing...AND biodegradable. Yay! You can tell this company was started by parents because they make the whole process easy by delivering products in bundles right to your door each month to make life easier.
The Honest Company makes sunscreens, soaps, laundry detergent..and so much more.
Watch the video and perhaps head over to the website to try a free trial and see if honest is right for you!

2. Oh She Glows

I can't tell you how many times Angela Liddon has brought joy to my kitchen. If I am stumped, and need a quick healthy snack, meal, dessert, lunch, salad, whatever....she has the best tried and true recipes out there. The internet can be so inconsistent, you never know if your dinner if going to be a hit, or a major crap.
Even if you aren't vegan, I know you'll find something on this site that's delicious. For example, please try these vegan truffles....and thank me later.

Chocolate Macaroon Truffle Recipe

1. Bampot House of Tea
This "home away from home" in Toronto will be a tea house featuring specialty teas, a catalog of board games, simple food, and much more! I'm so excited for them to open in 2014!  Bampot will be offering locally sourced and organic vegetarian foods, and their tea will be made in-house. They will offer dairy and gluten free options, too (Yipee!)

Andrea and Mark moved from Glasgow to Canada to open Bampot in the city they love. With a Scottish Chef, and an incredible photographer and musician heading up the place, how can they can go wrong? They will support local artists, and some incredible  live music events.

I also wanted to mention the decor...which is incredibly bohemian and cozy. Watch the video to see!

Need to take a break from the noisy hustle and bustle of life? Say goodbye to your phone and laptop for a while, this place is interested in hosting a wireless-free environment where quality time, peace, and solitude are encouraged over staring at our electronics. This is the place you go to spend actual time with your friends, date, or family.Win!

Bampot is inviting you over to their "house" for an incredible experience, so stay tuned for their grand opening!! If you'd like to support the Newell's on their Bampot journey, click, HERE!

Watch the video. Meet Andrea and Mark. You'll fall in love with Bampot, just like I did.


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