Thursday, 13 December 2012

Everyone should have this in their first aid kit.

This bacteria fighting, anti-fungal oil comes from Australia. A tree called 'Melalueca'.

I'm talking about tea tree oil.

I started using the stuff when I struggled with acne. It was amazing to see the difference it made in healing my skin. It's pretty potent stuff, but it does some incredible things.

If you try to find it in a store, you'll most likely see it in the pharmacy/ first aid section. The reason is because it has antibacterial qualities that will fight off infection. It has been used to treat and heal wounds and skin infections.

My man, Doctor Mercola wrote an article talking about how tea tree oil can help yeast infections because it is anti-viral, and anti-candida. Check out the article HERE.

 A friend and mentor of mine told me that using drops in a bath can help treat/prevent yeast infections, and a drop or two diluted on toilet paper can also help keep urinary tract infections under control.

When Oliver was born, he had cradle cap. I tried using different products, but found a shampoo and body  wash  2 in one, I loved that was Organic. It was made of olive oil, and tea tree oil. It has a nice light, clean scent. Even I use it as my soap lately! And since it's a foaming wash, I find it lasts months!  You can get it online cheaper than in the stores, AND get it shipped to you free in Canada, by clicking HERE. It really is one of my fave products.

We always keep tea tree oil on hand. It's always in our first aid kit. If you want some good old tea tree oil, you can purchase Nature's Harmony Tea Tree Oil drops by clicking here!

Other cool uses of tea tree oil:

Treats dandruff, athletes foot, insect bites, lice, and it's even a pain reliever.

Just make sure you follow the instructions in use because if you buy pure tea tree oil, it shouldn't come in close contact with your eyes, and is super poisonous to ingest. Keep it away from your kidlets!

For more info, check out this info site and their reviews on tea tree oil:,

Until next time, stay healthy y'all!

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