Thursday, 6 December 2012

What you may not know about this amazing product.

In February I gave birth to our first baby. A boy. We named him Oliver. He's pretty cute. At least, I think so. From the time I found out I was pregnant, my passion and fascination with health became a million ba jillion times more important, now that I was responsible for a whole new life. A life that was growing and developing inside me! What a responsibility. 

I remember when Ollie got a bum rash when he was about a month old.  I mean, you'd peel back his little butt cheeks and see these sore looking pimples. It looked unpleasant, and uncomfortable for my little chunker. So, I went to a store and bought some zinc cream (Penaten or Sudocrem).  I was going through jar after jar, And it wasn't even helping. Not to say these products are bad, but did you know that zinc doesn't kill bacteria or yeast? Some babies are even allergic to zinc. I found that it also didn't wash off easily. And I wasn't overly thrilled with the smell of the stuff. AND, you can't use zinc when you are using cloth diapers. ANNNNNNNND, I believe it contains amounts of Cetylpyridnium chloride, which is a chemical that can be toxic. I know, I know, it's trace amounts of the stuff. But why, oh why, would I want to put that on my baby's bum if I could heal his little rash with something else?

Virgin Coconut oil.

It has healing agents, and has antibacterial properties! It's even anti-fungal, and it is said to kill viruses,  and even help with YEAST infections! It smells like you are in Hawaii all year round every time you do a diaper change, it spreads well, and it's easy to wash off. And did I mention it took us about 3 months to go through a container of the stuff?

 I found it amazing to read, as I haven't personally tried this yet, but coconut oil supposedly speeds up the healing of bruising by repairing damaged tissues. This makes me excited. Coconuts have to be one of God's coolest creations! 

After some research, I learned that Coconut oil is good for cooking, it helps your digestive system, it helps absorb calcium into the body, it's so great for skin moisturizer, and if you're feeling lucky tonight, it's a great lubricant!

Check out this website to see some other amazing uses and health benefits of coconut oil:

Oh yeah, when Ollie had a diaper rash, I used the Sudocrem for days and his poor little bum didn't get better. When I started with the coconut oil, it healed in less than a day.
A friend of mine had gotten a prescription filled to help her little girl's bum rash because nothing else would work. She was about to get another prescription filled when she tried the coconut oil. Miraculously, the rash was gone within 24 hours. No need to wait in the doc's office again for that! Pretty cool stuff.

We like to use the Nutiva brand, and if you check out the link, and purchase from, you'll help me keep writing the cool stuff I write, as well as get to have it shipped to you absolutely free anywhere in Canada. 

Purchase Nutiva's Virgin Coconut Oil here.

Until next time, stay healthy ya'll.


  1. Hey Jaime!
    Great blog! I thought I'd share what I'd heard as well (although I haven't personally tried it). I was told it's also great for cracked nipples for us breastfeeding Mamas... even better than the lanolin creams they sell for that *lovely* condition. If it's that great on sore wee bums, it must be great for the sore wee breasts too ;)

  2. Kelly, I had no idea! How cool is that! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. It's the number 1 product I recommend to mammas! I even made home made baby wipes for 6 months with coconut oil and they were great. I should start doing it again.