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theHealthNuttyProfessor's Top 12 Discoveries of 2012

12. Weight Watchers
Wanna lose some weight in the new year? This program helped me lose all my baby weight and more. Two words: portion control. I appreciated the customer service and felt like they were great for a nursing mommy too. Their app for iPhone or iPad worked wonders, and actually made it a fun game to track points. I followed the PointsPlus Program. You can even tweak your diet to eat what you want...vegetarian, vegan, you name it. I'm joining again in January to make sure I keep off this holiday weight. Check out Weight Watchers HERE!

11. Nutiva's Virgin Coconut Oil 
 Check out the benefits and amazing things coconut oil does by clicking here. From baby diaper rashes, to lubricant, to baking (not often you find those things in the same sentence!), it has been such a wonderful thing to have in the house! Do yourself and your family a favour, and order a jar HERE.

10Camilia Teething Drops for Babies - Up all night with that teething babe? These Chamomile drops are amazing. I was happy to find something other than Tylenol/Advil that could help my baby cope with the discomforts of those teeth coming in. Chamomile is a great treatment for restlessness, headache, and even promotes deep sleep and relaxation. Need I say more?
Get it, HERE.
 9. William Spartivento's Organic Coffee
Holy, amazing coffee, Batman! Have you been looking for a bold tasting decaf organic coffee? It's here, folks. When I was at a friend's place recently, they offered me a cup of decaf, fair trade, organic coffee. I couldn't say no. Needless to say, it was the best coffee I've ever had! Freshly ground can't go wrong. I promise.
 Check it out here! 

8. Avalon Shampoo and Conditioner
Did you know parabens have been found in breast cancer tumours?
Parabens are chemicals used in most cosmetics as a preservative. The crazy part is that they are mainly used to save companies big bucks.
Trust me, with the studies coming out, you want to keep this chemical away from your body.
I love this Avalon Shampoo and conditioner because it's organic, paraben free, and smells fantabulous. So the best part? It's affordable. I buy the peppermint kind. But if you aren't a big fan of peppermint, there are plenty of kinds to choose from. I find some natural shampoos and conditioners leave my hair feeling oily, but this does a great job in cleaning the hair and scalp while keeping it perfectly, beautifully moisturized. Grab it, HERE.

7.  Avalon Vitamin C Face Cleanser & Avalon Vitamin C Face Moisturizer 
Remember that time when I was talking about parabens?    This cleanser is paraben free, and keeps my skin clear of blemishes. All while looking and feeling young and vibrant. The moisturizer has been great for the dry winter months, it's oil free, and smells lovely. Try the pair. Order it HERE.

 6. Davids Tea
Each of us has some stress in our lives. Sometimes, we need to just chill out, and reflect on the amazing gift of life we've been given. Isn't a cup of tea a good way to slow down? Tea is therapy for me.  Davids Tea, of course. If you haven't already heard of this place, please, I beg you....check them out. This Canadian company has it all...from Green to Herbal tea, this stuff is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmazing! They have hundreds of flavours of tea, many which are so beneficial to your heart and brain health. This all sounds like a win-win-win to me. Buy yourself a nice late Christmas present, or heck, Happy New Year! Try Davids Tea. You'll never want to buy any other kind of tea again. Trust me. Go, now.

5. Food Documentaries
Running blind-folded towards heart disease, diabetes, and cancer?  You bet we were.  And just like everyone else, we were not about to make any changes, and so we did not want to hear about it.  But curiosity got the best of us, and my hubby and I finally watched Food Inc.  That pretty well led to a Netflix marathon of life changing documentaries: A Beautiful Truth, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, Food Matters, Forks Over Knives, Hungry for Change, and Dying to Have Known, to name a few.  We no longer wanted to be ignorant of what goes on in the food industry. When we saw the lives saved and diseases cured with diet change, we knew it was time to be healthier.
Grab the book HERE from Amazon. While you're there, you can also find all the amazing food documentaries that inspired our family to make some drastic changes!

 4. Breville Juice Fountain 
The benefits of juicing amaze me.  It's the most powerful way to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep your immune system bull! I've been reading a lot lately about how juicing can play a large part in reversing many diseases. Fascinating stuff. Juicing is coming back with a vengeance...and I'm glad it is. Stay tuned for another blog devoted solely to juicing. If you're interested in purchasing one, you can grab it off Amazon, HERE! This is the juicer we bought for our family.

3. Dr. Sears' Baby Sleep Book 
I love being a mama, but let's be honest.... there are some challenging moments. Especially when it comes to sleep. I never thought I'd be one of those hippie co-sleepers or family-bed people. Who the heck does that anyway? Crazy people, right? Not quite. It's amazing the things that change when you have your own family. Everyone does what's best for their family, and we believe co-sleeping is best for ours.  Dr. Sears writes about the scientific benefits of co-sleeping. I love love love this book.
You can purchase it, HERE..

2. Dr. Mercola's Daily Updates 
I'm telling you, this guy changed my life! His daily articles are so well written, they get me every time! Some may call him radical, but I call him brilliant. He makes some pretty bold statements, but he cares about you, and it's obvious. If you want to read about ways to be healthier, you'll like Dr. Joseph Mercola.  If you like what you see, sign up for his daily emails at They just might get you, every time.

And theHealthNuttyProfessor's fave discovery of 2012? 

1. Berkey Water Filtration Systems 

City drinking water is...horrible. Would I drink from a swimming pool? That's what our city water tastes like! I'd rather not cook with, or have it in my body.

The first step to good health?

Clean drinking water.

When my hubby and I moved into the city in June, we couldn't take our 300 foot deep well with us, and we soon realized...we had quit drinking water altogether.

For a couple months we bought water while trying to decide if we wanted to commit to buying not-so-great Brita filters over and over.  But thankfully, while over at our friends' place, we noticed this beautiful looking water filter sitting on their counter.  After I drank a glass, I knew we had found our solution.

Fresh tasting, clean, healthy, affordable, water.  No, wait...that's not exactly true: it is the perfect tasting, best filtered (but not mineral depleted nor acidic like reverse osmosis), lowest filter-replacement-cost-per-liter water that works without installation or electricity...and goes with you if you ever move!  Now that's my Berkey!!

Where did we get it?  Conscious Water is the place to buy your Berkey.  They are so much more than a dealer; they will educate you beyond what you need to feel confident in your purchase, and be there for you at any point afterwards to make sure that everything is meeting the high expectations you will have.

Our experience with Conscious Water was so great that I have decided to become an Affiliate of Conscious Water.  Click through HERE to solve your water problems.

Cheers, to the health of your family.

What are some of your favourite discoveries of 2012? Would love to hear about them!

TheHealthNuttyProfessor is proudly affiliated with Conscious Water,, and Please know that it is important to me to only share products and services I truly believe in, and ones I have used personally. I will only promote things I truly believe will benefit you and your families. 

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