Tuesday, 1 January 2013

HealthNutty Pick of the Week: Epsom Salts

Holiday's are wonderful, aren't they?
But they can be so insanely busy, we become crazy exhausted.

What's your fave thing to do after a busy day? After the busyness of the holidays, I'm so ready to relax! In a nice hot bath.

My HealthNutty pick of the week?

Epsom salts.

Did you know they soothe muscle aches and pains?
They can draw out slivers, reduce swelling, remove odours from the skin, and even detox the body.

Also, most of us are deficient in magnesium which can lead to issues like depression, mental and physical stress, and even sleep problems. Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) could be more beneficial to your health than you think.

One of my favourite doctor's writes, "a potential way to get more magnesium into your system is via the pleasant method of soaking in a bath of magnesium sulfate, otherwise known as Epsom salts. Commonly used to ease muscle aches and pains, magnesium sulfate also importantly helps with detoxification when sulfur is needed by the body for this purpose. 
A couple of cups of Epsom salts added to a hot bath will induce sweating and detoxification; after the water cools a bit, the body will then absorb the magnesium sulfate."

So, after the busyness of the holidays, why not soak in the great memories of 2012? Let's do something good for our bodies and reflect on the wonderful things in life! Kick back, relax, and enjoy a book while soaking in some wonderful, health-promoting Epsom salts
Heck, I was sold way back at the word, "bath." I'm off to draw one.
Happy 2013!

Check out these Epsom salts from Well.ca, here.


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