Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The HealthNutty Pick of the Week: Forks Over Knives

Plant-based diets. Sound appealing?

Never thought my husband would go for that! Are ya with me?

After seeing this life-changing documentary, it impacted our family so much, even my husband majorly cut down on meat. Trust me: That's a very. BIG. Deal.

The HealthNutty Pick of the Week isn't one food. It's many. All packed into this amazing, easy to follow, healthy, fun, cookbook. All recipes following a plant-based diet. Don't jump to conclusions yet, okay?

Forks Over Knives talks about losing weight, lowering cholesterol, and most amazingly: preventing or even REVERSING degenerative diseases. I'm talking things like diabetes, Arthritis,  Alzheimer's, and some have even testified to being cured of cancer. Sounds like eating more plant-based meals might do some good to the body! 

If you don't get the documentary on Netflix, you can find it in my recommendations through amazon on the blog. Or, take a peek, HERE.

If you're up for trying out some plant-based recipes, 
Grab the cookbook HERE and check out all 300 recipes!
We love the Easy Bean and Rice wrap recipe! Other fave's from the book include:
Shepherds Pie, Vegetable Stock, and my ultimate fave? Pumpkin Bread Pudding!

 Some other great recipes we are excited to try:  Quinoa Corn and Black Bean Salad, Summer Vegetable Pesto Bake, Cherry Pecan Granola Bars, Banana Almond Granola, Banana Date and Coconut Muesli, Gingerbread Smoothie, Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf, and Vanilla Bean Whip!

So get on it! Watch the documentary, then decide for yourself! Maybe your hubby will change his mind about plant-based diets, too.


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