Tuesday, 15 January 2013

theHealthNutty Pick of the Week GIVEAWAY!

Why is theHealthNuttyProfessor super dee duper excited about the 'pick of the week'?

This incredible Canadian company has come up with a brilliant product.  It's certified organic, vegan, made from Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, AND contains my all-time fave: coconut oil.

theHealthNutty pick of the week?

Nova Scotia Fisherman Skin Care.

Why is this different than any other soap or skin moisturizer out there, you ask?

It's made with kelp (seaweed), which has amazing benefits to the skin. I'm talkin' things like reducing cellulite, hydrating, cell-generating, improves skin texture and tone, purifies, cleanses, and smoothes and detoxifies! Have I sold you yet?  It's handmade, paraben- free, moisturizes like a gem, and feels like satin to the skin. And did mention is has a beautiful, light, clean, natural scent? Guy or gal, this stuff will rock your socks.

I'm thrilled that Nova Scotia Fisherman is the first HealthNutty GIVEAWAY!

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Those who enter within 7 days will have their name put into a virtual name draw to WIN these 5 amazing products from Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care. The winner will be drawn on Tuesday January, 22, 2013.

The winner will receive:  1 of each product from the Nova Scotia Fisherman Xtreme Skin Care line mailed right to your doorstep! (Product line pictured above)

If you'd like to purchase this incredible stuff (and I would strongly recommend it!)
visit www.novascotiafisherman.com

Good luck & stay healthy ya'll!







  1. Years ago I used a product that was made for fisherman's hands ... I haven't had any success finding anything that worked like it did. Thanks for the write up on the nova scotia fisherman skin care products...I'd love to try it!! I have been using some Bert's Bees products and I would love a topic on that line :)

  2. I would love to hear about different types of salts! Pink Himalayan vs Sea Salt...etc.

    1. I actually just recently did a write up on salt a couple weeks back, check it out! Any other suggestions?

  3. Oh man, I could use some of that balm for my hands. Hand sanitizer at work in combination with the cold are making my hands look and feel like an 80 year old's

  4. Love your blog Jaimie! I would like to hear you write about the health benefits of extended BF and co sleeping. I know your article on that would be great!

  5. This product looks great, I'd love to try it! I'd love to read about super seeds - flax, chia, etc. - which ones live up to the hype, and which ones are overrated? Thanks!