Friday, 1 March 2013

RAWesome Friday: The Health Benefits of Black Pepper

It's one of the most widely traded spices in the world, and also used for medicinal purposes (

Black pepper also makes a tonne of foods taste a ba jillion times yummier!

Here are some health benefits of black pepper:

  •  Anti-inflammitory, and anti-flatulant
  • helps with digestion (increases gastr-intestinal enzyme secretions)
  • helps to absorb B Vitamins, beta-carotene, and other nutrients in food
  • contains minerals like calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, and magnesium
  • contain antioxidants and vitamins like Vitamin C, and Vitamin A

To top if off, some interesting studies on PubMed have shown that Black Pepper can reduce blood sugar in those with diabetes as well. So grab some peppercorns and get a-crackin'!

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