Monday, 18 March 2013

What does your tongue look like?

Ever feel like someone else's breath is gonna knock you over? Or perhaps you can't even stand your own morning breath!  Did you know our tongue may tell us a lot about our health?

Doctor Victor Zeines, a Holistic dentist, and Master in Nutrition, has a mercury-free dentistry. For 25 years, his studies on hundreds of patients tongues show very interesting results. shows some of his discoveries. Check out the different colours of the tongue, and what this could indicate:

Yellow or yellowish-green: Possible problems with stomach or spleen,  indicating trouble with liver or gallbladder.

Gray or brownish gray: Some people may struggle with  poor immunity, and have trouble recovering from colds. He found this is a sign of stomach or intestinal imbalances.

White: This may be a sign of the body getting rid of toxins. Some in Zeines' studies showed results of the white film on their tongue being parasites, anemia, malnourishment, kidney problems, imbalanced hormones, or poor circulation (

Ok, so, now that you're back from checking the colour of your tongue, let's talk about what all of this actually means!

The brilliant Nutritionist, Kimberly Snyder also discusses how our tongue can show us how much toxicity our bodies may have. She says, "Our entire digestive tract is lined with a natural mucous membrane. This membrane is very sensitive, and naturally transparent. When we eat a diet consisting of preservative chemicals, GMO foods, pesticides, very acidic foods, etc., we irritate this delicate lining...... The mucous membrane is always trying to diffuse impacted mucus and toxic residue up from the colon, intestines, and stomach to the less impacted areas of the digestive tract, such as the throat, mouth (tongue), and sinuses....The coating on the tongue is therefore a good indicator of how much constipated mucus has accumulated in the digestive organs. When our breath is really bad, especially in the mornings, this can also be a good indicator of how compromised or backed up our systems are" (

Anyone else feel gross after reading that?!

So,  how do we cleanse our bodies from toxins? 

There are plenty of detox programs out there, some that seem risky and I question how healthy they actually are. It's time The Health Nutty Professor got in on this! Since I'm still nursing, and have a super hard working husband, I'm in search of a great family-friendly detox program.

Weston A Price discusses how to detox without all the pills and crazy diets. Seems fairly doable, right?

The Weston A. Price diet recommendations:

  • Eat foods that are natural, unprocessed, and organic (and contain no sugar except for the occasional bit of honey or maple syrup).
  • Eat foods that grow in your native environment. In other words, eat locally grown, seasonal foods.
  • Eat unpasteurized dairy products (such as raw milk) and fermented foods.
  • Eat at least one-third of your food raw.
  • Make sure you eat enough healthy fats, including those from animal sources like omega-3 fat, and reduce your intake of omega-6 from vegetable oils.

I believe it is better to change the diet, and then start out on a cleanse nice and slow, so you don't shock your system. 

This book by Kimberly Snyder has a great One Day Cleanse to get you started. She also offers a book to follow, which I'd like to look into further. Check it out from Or

How do you plan on detoxing? What programs have you already followed? The Health Nutty Professor would love to hear about it! 

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