Friday, 15 March 2013

RAWesome Friday: Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

Hello RAWesome Friday, and What up weekend?! 

Let's discuss the beautiful and incredible, Sunflower.

Why should you nibble on some seeds, or grab a bottle of sunflower oil?


Great skin is every girls dream. That's why you should get on the sunflower train. The Linoleic acid in sunflower oil makes it a great moisturizer. High in vitamins E, A, and C, it is also a great antioxidant which helps to prevent damage to skin (


Sunflower oil is an awesome, inexpensive, natural moisturizer for hair. mentions that the omega 6 fatty acids in sunflower oil are said to help prevent thinning hair. Spencer David Kobren writes about it in his book called, "The Truth About Women's Hair Loss: What Really Works for Treating and Preventing Thinning Hair"  (


Sunflower oil and raw seeds can aid in digesting food, and even help with constipation, thanks to the high amount of dietary fibre. ( Yay for staying regular, folks!


Did you know that eating raw sunflower seeds, or using sunflower oil are great for heart health, and brain health? Studies have shown that the nutritional power of sunflower can protect against heart disease and diabetes, lowering cholesterol levels (
The National Sunflower Association states: "From phytochemicals and important vitamins and minerals to convenience of size and cost effectiveness, the amazing sunflower kernel is a powerhouse compared to no other! And one need look no further than NuSun oil for a healthy, trans-free alternative to hydrogenated oils and shortenings" ( 

Other great uses for sunflower oil are: cuticle oil, eye cream, massage oil, and aromatherapy.


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